Monday, June 28, 2010

Take Control Of Your Life

Today is Monday and I am sure having the Monday Blah. Well, I was until I read a post over at Scoutie Girl! I wanted to share it:

You are in control: of your life, your opportunities, your ability to enact change in this world.

Use your creativity, your outside-of-the-box point of view to make something happen today. Stop wishing for change, stop envisioning a better world, stop hoping for a shift of power.

Seize control. Take your ideas to the street and demand to be heard.

If you are a consumer, use consumption to take control. If are a creator, use innovation to overpower the status quo.

We all as Artists get into these frumps. Everyday life can do that to

us. It is when we come across a post, a quote or someone who says something like the above that instantly gives me this recharge! I wanted to pass it along. Hopefully it inspires you as well.

I have not blogged in a while so this is what has been going on with me.....

Yesterday I spent the day with an artist friend of mine, Kat Allison. We dyed fabrics like muslin and china silk. She also taught me a little bit about screen printing and

mixing my own dyes. It is very fun to do. My hands have red dye on them me a very arty look :)

I was fumbling around in my studio the other day and put together a piece with scraps. It is my favorite piece at the moment, my circle eternity necklace.

This necklace I wore at the local Etsy party we had for Etsy's birthday. This is going to be part of a flower line I am creating. I should be posting this necklace on Etsy soon......I have someone who may be interested...yeah! We will see.....

I am continuing with my silver jewelry class. I am working on some copper pieces. I figure I spend this year learning and working on inventory so I will be better equipped for shows next summer.....Besides this I am spending my weekends walking around farmer markets and laying on the beach....enjoy the simple things in life and absorbing all the earth has to offer!

I like spending evenings after work on my patio and looking out at our gardens....

The other week was my birthday. My husband knows how much I love Marilyn so they got together and order me this cake!!

It took me a day or so to cut into it, but they took a picture of it for me and had it framed.

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