Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Winding down from my weekend. I had a good weekend. My husband went out of town and I went yard-sailing! LUV'd it. I got some cool clothes and I spotted a vintage couch that I LOVE! It would look so good in my kitchen. I have a huge enough kitchen where one of those small vintage love seat couches would do well......but I have to move my washer and dryer into another room before that can happen. It is quite convenient to have one in the kitchen, specially if it is not noticeable. I'd much rather have the vintage couch!!! I can cook and have people sit on would be such the entertainment spot! I went back today, just to visit it but do to rain they cancelled the yard sale.

I keep thinking about it and I have a huge extra room I could store it it. I believe they will have the yard sale next weekend, but if not I will go knock on the door! I have to have it!! Wish me luck!!!

I have just put a tray of Lasagna in the oven and having a glass of Nero D' Avlo. I am watching Criminal Minds.... Love that show.

I watched Cupcake Girls on WE last night. I love this show. I love these girls. Check them out:

Their shop is in Vancouver and I believe they just started this business blindly.....and succeeded. I love stories like that. Who says you have to have 20 degrees and come from influence. You can achieve anything as long as you have drive and desire!! Remember this!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Style Glasses

I am totally obsessed with vintage style cat's eye glasses! I just recently purchased glasses at the local optometry. It was disappointing to say the least of all the mundane, everyday styles that were around. I managed to find a pair that stood out from the rest until I find what I really want.

I just lost a bid on a 1950's pair of eye glasses! I am so sad, but can't let it stop me from searching! This is the pair I lost the bid on:

However, I did win this pair!!

When I first saw them, I wasn't to sure about them, but how often do you see this style?!?! I cannot wait to get my lenses put in them. Everybody I showed them too LUV'd them!! Once I get this baby ready to wear I will post many pictures!! These will be so fun to wear!

I love accessories and I love wearing pieces that will make any outfit pop and stand out! I think these glasses are just the item to do it. I am never afraid to wear anything. If you like it and it makes you happy.....GO FOR IT!


American Restoration

American Restoration is a show on the History channel that takes old rusty, beat up items that have been discarded for whatever crazy reason and restores them to their original state. LUV the show! I love seeing beautiful vintage pieces get new life breathed back into them.

The show features Rick Dale and his crew of fun guys including his son located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They can restore anything from a giant gas pump from the 1940s or a vintage Harley the 1950s.

One of the things that was brought to the guys was an old US Mailbox. I had actually forgotten that they used to be red and blue! WOW, it is funny how seeing things from brings back memories.

I hope I am lucky enough to find more great treasures...I am stepping up my thrifting game this weekend scouring the city for lost treasures.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Room

I have not blogged in so long! I have lost interest and desire until I came across a FABULOUS blog Vintage Vixen It is a great blog about vintage, car jumbles and it is just packed full of awesomeness!

Inspiration and encouragement is everywhere. You just have to be open to it.

I have a spare bedroom that is used as a guest room/craft room. I love vintage pins. I collect them! I have some displayed on a fabric picture board (also a thrift store find). This is not a real good picture, but for some reason my camera would not cooperate! I have many black and white photos of 1950's - 1960's women my uncle use to take back in the day. He was an avid photographer of just everday life. I am glad I have them. I have some of them displayed around this room. It just adds to the vintage feel!

I recently re-vamped this room! It was to cluttered. I scored a amour that has about 8 drawers on the inside and above the drawers is a space where you can put a TV. I use that as a workspace. This room also holds my vintage dressing table! I LOVE them!! This room doubles as and a great place for guests to stay and a place for me to create jewelry pieces. The amour helps store all my tools, beads, metal etc. I also have a vintage day bed on the other side!! I will post more pics soon!