Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Estate Sale

It was a rainy weekend.  I did not do much. Just tinkered around the house, cleaned etc.  All the normal things that go on on rainy days.  The rain did not stop me from checking out a local estate sale!!

This vintage purse is a gift for my step mother in law........maybe.  I LOVE it and may keep it if I do not find anything else to get her.  I love vintage purses!!!

I love jewelry.  I make my own, but I cannot pass up estate sale jewelry.  I just love things that have a history.  I much rather wear something that belonged to someone to keep their memory alive.  In my family, I am the keeper of the memories.  I have all the old pictures from the 70's, certain things from the past that no one really wants...trinkets etc.  I keep it, because I feel the memory of the dead is alive in the living. 

The palm tree bracelet is sterling silver.  It was $18 but today everything was half off!! I got it because I am going to Florida and this is the perfect bracelet!!  The broach speaks for itself for me!!  The necklace, I love it.  Two pearls and the clasp has details with dangles...that is what I do to my clasps, add dangles or charms.

OMG, I kept walking by the bathroom and saw the waste basket and toilet holder.  It is soooo retro 60's/70's.  I don't think it was for sale, but she tagged it for me...$5.  LOVE IT!!!

Now I am having wine and watching Cash and Cari!!  I can never get enough!!  LOL!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy List

The other day I got lost in blog world.  I came across so many interesting blogs about vintage, thrifting etc.  I just couldn't even stand it!  Vintage Vixen had a list of top 10 UK blogs that were FAB!  Congrats to her for being on that list!! 

Going through those blogs and other faves, a lot of people always refer to "Happy Lists".  You write in a journal a list of things that you appreciate or what made you happy that day.  It is a good exercise, because if you always focus on what you DON'T have you will always come from a place of lacking.  If you focus on the things you DO have, or what makes you happy you will always feel fulfilled.  It is good to do a list when you are having a bad day or you are around people who aggravate you........kinda like people who suck your good energies right out of you or are to negative....eeewww!

Seems a no-brainer, but it is one of those things that are easy to talk about doing, but never do. 

So today I start one...and will continue to do weekly and even daily!  You can have fun with these lists, they don't have to be soooooooooo lengthy, or stuffed in a journal.  If you see an inspiring picture on the web print it out and jot 1 or 2 things on it, and hang it up to look at it for random bursts of happiness. Print a picture of your favorite flower, celebrity, food etc. Possibilities are endless...........

1. My upcoming trip to Florida!!  (I already printed out a list of local thrift shops to visit)!

2. Wine.

3. Twisted Sisters cupcakes.

4. New found favorite Vintage Blogs.

5. New inspiration from those blogs.

6. Local estate sale that I will be going to tomorrow!!!

7. The smell of coffee.

8. Family & Friends.

I feel good already!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coupon Craze

Every time I turn around I am into something new. Coupons are nothing new, however I really never used them. I would cut them out, organize them and then forget about them. By the time I went to use them they were expired. They were not really worth my time anyway since I bought mostly generic.

One of the food stores I go to are now starting to double coupons up to a dollar and doubling dollar coupons on Wednesdays! That is a savings! I figured I would go try this out. I gather a few coupons on items I wanted and headed out. When I got to the register my total was $23 and then I gave her my coupons and the total dropped below $17. Not bad for a few things right?

I learned today from my fellow friends and co-workers that you can stack coupons! Meaning if I have 5 coupons (store/manufacture) for a $1 off of lets say Gain detergent I can use all 5 of them on one bottle. If that product is on sale combined with the 3!! What a savings. If I go on a Wednesday armed with all this, since they double dollar coupons.........holy crap!!! Lets say the price of Gain is $12. I have 5 coupons so that is $5 off. Gain is now $7. Now if I use these on a Wednesday with the coupons being doubled ($10 instead of $5 off) it really costs me $2 for the detergent!

The more I educated myself on this the more excited I got! I started realizing how much money can be saved doing this. My goal is to save save save and put the money I saved from food shopping away for my jewelry creating, big estate, thrifting days!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cancer Awareness

I think we all know someone who has cancer. It is a disease that too many people have. As a gift to one of my co-worker's mother, I made her a bracelet. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. I believe they caught it early enough. I am sure she is a little racked by all this so I made her a surprise gift.

I hope every time she looks at it it gives her positive energy and the strength she needs to deal with everything she will be facing. The best thing you can do when life throws you curve balls, is embrace it. Be positive. It will only make you stronger.

It is harder to do than you think, but it can be done. It is a mind set. When you feel like you have a bad day and all is loss, it isn't.

If you think it is, click on the below picture here:

I came across this blog yesterday and I was so impressed and touched with his attitude and outlook on life. It changed mine.

Love your life.

Focus on what you have instead of what you don't.

Don't be caught up with labels and worrying about what people are saying.

Anyone saying anything negative is not worth having around you.