Monday, July 12, 2010


The Power of Handmade!

The more I create, the more inspired I feel. I can't tell you the last time it was that I went shopping at a department store or mall to buy clothing or jewelry. I don't need to run out and buy the latest and greatest trend. I use to, and all it got me was wasted money and a sense of disappointment after the newness wore off so shortly after the purchase. I have learned not to buy into all the commercial hype. It is garbage and not needed. Ever since this change.....I feel lighter....

When you buy handmade, you are supporting someones dreams and hard work. When you buy Indie, you are getting one of a kind piece of art! How cool is that? These artists really are so appreciative of your purchase. It feels good. I really do not like supporting mass productions. I will spend my money on a more deserving community.

I also support local farmers markets. If I am not growing it myself, I will buy from the locals. It is healthier and tastier. I am gravitating more towards an organic diet. The hormones, pesticides, and processed foods are a real turn off. I feel healthier and not so sluggish. You can change also, you have to start small. Change one thing at a time....Rome was not built in a day ;) If you change a few things in your diet you are ahead of the game. Maybe eat fresh fruit in the morning or snack on veggies for a start. You can even do something as simple as replacing a can of soda with water.

So this change I have been going through the past year is a good one. I am so glad I got into the Indie world and am so very appreciative of my crafty artsy people I have met along the way. The world is a much brighter and healthier place!

Is there any change you made in your life that makes you feel like a new person?

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