Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Great Thrifty Find!

I have a vintage dressing table. The one with a big mirror in the middle and three drawers on each side. It is soo cool. My husband found it up in NY and gave it to me for Christmas.

It did not have a bench so I have been using a wicker chair that I had. Normally these things have a cute little bench. I have been trying to find one......old vintage style, not modern and never could find anything I liked.

Today, during my thrift store browsing there it was! It is solid metal. I got this for $15 and with a discount I ended up paying $12!!! SO HAPPY! These usually run anywhere between $40 - $80 if not more new.

I am thinking of recovering it with a vintage fabric to go with my dressing table and spray painting the metal the color to match. For now, I will leave it until I settle on one idea! I am just happy I finally found somthing.

I soooo love thrift stores and finding a great deal!!


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