Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Estate Sale

It was a rainy weekend.  I did not do much. Just tinkered around the house, cleaned etc.  All the normal things that go on on rainy days.  The rain did not stop me from checking out a local estate sale!!

This vintage purse is a gift for my step mother in law........maybe.  I LOVE it and may keep it if I do not find anything else to get her.  I love vintage purses!!!

I love jewelry.  I make my own, but I cannot pass up estate sale jewelry.  I just love things that have a history.  I much rather wear something that belonged to someone to keep their memory alive.  In my family, I am the keeper of the memories.  I have all the old pictures from the 70's, certain things from the past that no one really wants...trinkets etc.  I keep it, because I feel the memory of the dead is alive in the living. 

The palm tree bracelet is sterling silver.  It was $18 but today everything was half off!! I got it because I am going to Florida and this is the perfect bracelet!!  The broach speaks for itself for me!!  The necklace, I love it.  Two pearls and the clasp has details with dangles...that is what I do to my clasps, add dangles or charms.

OMG, I kept walking by the bathroom and saw the waste basket and toilet holder.  It is soooo retro 60's/70's.  I don't think it was for sale, but she tagged it for me...$5.  LOVE IT!!!

Now I am having wine and watching Cash and Cari!!  I can never get enough!!  LOL!


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