Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Living Life....and Other Oddities

I found a passion in life that makes me happy.  We can have one or we can have many.  I have many.  It is the Gemini in me ;)  It took me a while to find the passion that fuels my creative side.  Once I found this however, it branched me out in all sorts of directions.  I love it.  From jewelery designer,  to dabbling in Art & Mixed Media & recycling/upcyclying to getting involved in groups with like minded people.  I am very happy I keep going on these multiple avenues; not to be complacent.  People can do that to you ya know.  Keep you complacent.  Burn out that flicker of light that is starting to ignite full blown passion.  Ridicule other people's choices, looks and lifestyle.  Get away from them.......FAST.

I love this show called Oddities on the Sci-Fy channel.  It is about a shop called Obsura, co-owned by Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson and a buyer Ryan Matthew:

This show is amazing to me!  They comb flea markets, estate sales looking for the most bizarre things.  They talk to the most fascinating people. They have a repeat customer Laura, who if I were to meet her  would think she is a little bizarre, strung out or who knows what.  But she isn't.  (or maybe she is, but who cares).

What she is, is a beautiful, smart business women mortician turned designer who likes the bizarre.  You know what?  So do I and who cares.  I was thinking last night about my earliest memories of something that I liked, that I had passion about.  It was junk yards.  My dad use to take me to this junk yard back in Jersey.  He went to look for parts to fix, replace what ever was needed on the vehicles and I roamed around looking at all the old cars, fascinated.  You could see this junk yard from the road.  It stretched out for miles.  I was amazed.  I loved finding trinkets, and making jewelry out of them, fixing or give new life to something.  Flash forward 25 some years later and here I am.  Designing, upcycle, redoing.....having fun!  I also like skulls and bones.

Don't forget to do what you love and explore this whole wide world. No matter what it is such as bone collector, cemetery dweller, minimalist, happy because you know what?  This is life, no one gets out alive you better enjoy the ride! :)


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