Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holidays and New Year

I usually have mixed feelings around the holidays.  So many people are lonely and as I get older I try to help them more......not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.  A kind smile, a helping hand and listening ear.  Any little gesture helps.

So many people do not have others to spend the holidays with or who they have is just a small number to be with........nothing big and extravagant like what is portrayed.....how society feels we should celebrate....throwing money into gifts.  I think we tend to forget what is important.  Quality not quantity.

We tend to look at the wrong people for role models.  Media does more harm then good at times.
In a world where people are trying to follow latest trends so they look cool, some don't realize they are just being brainwashed by the over saturated nonsense being fed to them.  They forget to let their true self be known.

I see so much name calling, back stabbing, trash talk that it is really to much.  For the new year lets make a goal to try and put our ego and insecurities aside and be real. Don't be afraid to show your pain. and your struggle.  This is what is relateable .....not trends or trying to be the next great thing...

Pursue a goal. delve into a hobby.  Learn something new.   Let your creative side bloom and be shown.  Be honest and kind.

"When you gratefully do what you love 
and love what you do, you experience the feeling of true worth
 and magnetically attract the people, places, things, ideas and events
 to help you fulfill your purpose in life."

Let's jump into 2017 with new adventure, ambitions, innovations.....let's shake it up a bit!!


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