Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uses For Wine Corks

I save all my wine corks. I have a drawer full of them. I want to make a wreath with them. I did make a cork board with some. I hot glued corks together and put it in an old picture frame. Very cute. Makes a cute wall hanging also!

Some other uses I stumbled across were cutting them up and using them as mulch, very green. It absorbs water. You probably could put them in the bottom of pots without the holes drilled in.

Searching on the Internet aimlessly for more ideas, I stumbled across this very cute use for corks, Wine Cork Ornaments:



Wine corks Thin ribbon Tassels Decorative beads (with large holes) Long darning needle Scissors Drill Glue


1. Carefully drill a hole through the center of the cork lengthwise using a small bit drill.

2. Slide one or more decorative beads over the loop of the tassel.

3. Cut approximately 1 foot of ribbon and slip one end into the tassel loop (above the beads) then bring ends of ribbon together.

4. Thread the ribbon (now attached to the tassel) through the darning needle and bring up through the center of the cork then pull till the beads and tassel are in contact with the cork.

5. Slip one or more decorative beads over the ribbon then knot the ribbon several inches up leaving a loop to hang from Christmas tree branch.

6. Cut excess ribbon above the knot and use Fray Check (available at to prevent ribbon from fraying. You may also carefully use a lighter or match to slightly singe the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

7. Glue the beads to the top and bottom of the cork to ensure they remain centered and in place.
NOTE: This craft also makes a lovely decoration to hang on the neck of a bottle of wine. Follow the instructions as above, except use 2 feet of ribbon so the ornament will hang nicely on the bottle of wine.
Kuddos for this person coming up with this design.
Not only will it hand nicely on bottles, but even knobs. Jazz up a hutch or drawer. You could also paint them, use pins that have decorative ends and stick it in the cork, glue a a picture with a design etc on it. This idea has a lot of possibilities.
If you do this, please post your crafty design, would love to see it.
Drink up!


  1. Brilliant idea!! cork has a beautiful texture and vintage look to it...well done! :)