Monday, January 25, 2010

Preparing for Yard Work

I am determined to have a super fab paradise in my back yard this summer. Granted, I have to compete with two dobermans, but I will succeed! I am even reading this book I found in the thrift store "From The Ground Up, the story of a first garden". I do have a lot to learn. This book is perfect for that. I just started reading it this weekend and it has got me motivated. In the first few chapters I realized now is the time to start preparing. Battling against weeds, digging, cleaning. Just like you would if you were cleaning out your mental closet. I come to realize that gardening can be very theraputic. Before, I would not even care about my yard, but in the last year with my HGTV obsession and my friends tropical pond paradise in her back yard, I am ready to turn my yard into a island paradise!!!

Off my patio I have a great fire place area. The fireplace was made by my husband. It is one of those open circle ones you see in the stores for $300 or more. Yes, he is quite handy. There is nothing he can't make for fix. I want to tile the top of this in some sort of "tropical" feel. I have flower beds that wrap around my privacy fence. This year I am going to plant my plants and flowers in the ground instead of in pots. I am going to fill the beds in with mulch and maybe expand them out a bid. I want tropical trees and plants and I want it to be my own backyard paradise. I need to pick things that will come back every year and some stuff that will stay all winter long so my yard does not look so barren. When I walk out into my back yard, I want to feel like I left my home and traveled into a vacation get away.

The big challenge is to keep my dogs out of this area. LOL.

Welcome to my gardening journey!! I will post before and after pictures, the ups and downs of a first time gardener and see how it ends!

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