Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Style Glasses

I am totally obsessed with vintage style cat's eye glasses! I just recently purchased glasses at the local optometry. It was disappointing to say the least of all the mundane, everyday styles that were around. I managed to find a pair that stood out from the rest until I find what I really want.

I just lost a bid on a 1950's pair of eye glasses! I am so sad, but can't let it stop me from searching! This is the pair I lost the bid on:

However, I did win this pair!!

When I first saw them, I wasn't to sure about them, but how often do you see this style?!?! I cannot wait to get my lenses put in them. Everybody I showed them too LUV'd them!! Once I get this baby ready to wear I will post many pictures!! These will be so fun to wear!

I love accessories and I love wearing pieces that will make any outfit pop and stand out! I think these glasses are just the item to do it. I am never afraid to wear anything. If you like it and it makes you happy.....GO FOR IT!



  1. What a find, so incredible glamorous and fabulous!
    I bought a vintage pair and had them made up to my prescription, too. Who wants a modern, run-of-the-mill pair? x

  2. I soooo agree!! I just won another pair on ebay and I am going to them this week! SOOO excited. Thanks so much for the posts! :)