Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Winding down from my weekend. I had a good weekend. My husband went out of town and I went yard-sailing! LUV'd it. I got some cool clothes and I spotted a vintage couch that I LOVE! It would look so good in my kitchen. I have a huge enough kitchen where one of those small vintage love seat couches would do well......but I have to move my washer and dryer into another room before that can happen. It is quite convenient to have one in the kitchen, specially if it is not noticeable. I'd much rather have the vintage couch!!! I can cook and have people sit on would be such the entertainment spot! I went back today, just to visit it but do to rain they cancelled the yard sale.

I keep thinking about it and I have a huge extra room I could store it it. I believe they will have the yard sale next weekend, but if not I will go knock on the door! I have to have it!! Wish me luck!!!

I have just put a tray of Lasagna in the oven and having a glass of Nero D' Avlo. I am watching Criminal Minds.... Love that show.

I watched Cupcake Girls on WE last night. I love this show. I love these girls. Check them out:

Their shop is in Vancouver and I believe they just started this business blindly.....and succeeded. I love stories like that. Who says you have to have 20 degrees and come from influence. You can achieve anything as long as you have drive and desire!! Remember this!!


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