Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanderlust........and Gypsies

The other day I read a post on Misfits Vintage's blog about wanderlust. We all have it. We want to travel and see the world and meet fascinating people. I get like that, specially when I watch Anthony Bourdain. I just want to travel and hob nob with the finest people and talk about life over a good glass of wine.

But I can't travel the world, not at this point anyway. But you can satisfy your own wanderlust on a smaller scale. You learn so much about life and yourself when you go out and meet people, join groups, scower blogs. You can travel so far away right in the comfort of your own living room. This past month I have come across some pretty cool blogs from other parts of the world. These people have inspired me, reminded me of things, and given me a boost in an area of my life that needed a jump start. We all

After reading Misfits Vintage blog, her wanderlust reminded me of gypsies and how I like them and how I like Gypsy Rose Lee.

My mother use to call me Gypsy Rose Lee when I was little. I used to walk around with a bunch of jewelry on...all "gussied" up. Gypsy Rose Lee was one of the most famous strippers. During a raid at Minsky's Burlesque house she told the police that she was not naked, she was completely covered by a blue spotlight. Strong and witty! My kind of chic. She was also an actress and author.

I would love to pick up and travel on a whim. I envy the people who do. I do my share of traveling however. Weekends here and there with friends. I've had a busy summer this year......yeah!

Make sure you settle your own wanderlust....whenever it hits you. Don't forget to travel. It does not have to be to a far away country, it can be in your own town!! Take time for yourself, get to know yourself through others. I think sometimes we get caught up in mundane things in our life and forget to live uninhibited. We forget about our own desires. We sometimes let peoples negative energy squash our positive energies.

Don't let that be you......don't get caught in a slump.

Go......let your hair down, wear something outrageous DO something and GO SOMEWHERE!!!



  1. I do love to travel, I try and spend at least two months a year abroad but would love a whole year to roam the earth. x

  2. If you ever come to Virginia you have to let me know! :)