Monday, October 17, 2011

Cherry Blossoms & A Thrifted Piece


I love this pendant.  I found it at one of my friends bead shop.  I was not sure how to come up with a necklace design.........but I love red and black and I had red chipped beads that really look great against this.  I added some black round beads and piece complete.  I finished it last night at our monthly bead meeting.

It is different.  That is what I love about designing jewelry.  You can create your own pieces to go with whatever mood, outfit, occasion you need.  The joys of being creative!

I am attending a city Art Association tomorrow.  They saw some of my pieces last month and this month I get to find out if I am voted in!  Fingers crossed!

Besides my many craft groups, I belong to a book club, and a local Art Museum.  I read something the other day......."Consume experiences, not things"  I really thought about that one, because at this state in my life that is what I am doing.  There is more important things in life than buying the over priced latest fad or being duped by the many advertising traps out there to make you think you NEED the next IPhone or whatever is current these days.  As I get older, this becomes abundantly clearer to me.

A friend of mine saw a 1950's bangle bracelet at a thrift store over the weekend.  This bracelet is awesome!  Matches my outfit today!  The cost was less than a $1.  I was so appreciative of my friend who gave it to me first thing Monday morning (what a boost for a Monday) and  it looks great.  This is what life is about, good friends, good thoughts........and a good glass of wine!

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