Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life Gets Busy

I have been busy with the holidays!  Trying to get all the shopping done in between my son's wrestling tournaments.  I am proud to say he placed 1st last weekend AND won most outstanding wrestler!  YEAH!

The other day I took the time to finish a necklace that I will soon place in my Etsy shop.  My poor Etsy shop has been neglected with every day life.  My new years resolution is to sit down a few days a week and make a piece.  I also have another Etsy shop for vintage goods.  I need to get my ass in gear and get them both filled up!!

This necklace is amazing!  It is black and white glass beads and I added a small skeleton key for that little touch of mystery.   The beads don't always lay perfectly flat, which gives it such an amazing look.  You can wear it with a classy dress or it can even be worn with your everyday jeans and sweater to add a rich look!  LUV IT!!  I showed a lot of people this, as I always do with my pieces and they fell in love with how unique it is.  I think it will sell fast!

I have recently went to NJ and visited local boutiques.  I love local shops, vintage shops and thrift stores!  Look at what I found.  I really love to look through them and find treasures and unique things from the past.  A few of my favorites back home on the PA side are Salvage Goods, Phyllis's Boutique, Underwire and Mercantile.  Support your local shops!

This is a Sarah Coventry necklace.  Love the pirate ship.  It is so different.  Can you find this in your brick and mortar store?  Nope.

This vintage pendant grabbed my eye!  LUV IT!!  I don't know to much about it, if you do let me know.  It is amazing!!


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