Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art Journal

I LOVE art journaling.  Once a month friends and I get together with food and wine and create amazing pages and share ideas and talents.  

One of the things we like to do is make our own books.  Sometimes we will do a fat book challenge and anyone who wants to can make a page to add to it.  We usually pick a theme.  Once we have a count of how many are going to participate, say 10 people, we each make 10 pages then get together and bind them.  Here is an example of one that was done:

I love having a book with pages from my artist friends.  So inspiring.  These can be done on cardboard or water color paper.  You can apply a gel medium over painted pages to give a leather feel.  If you don't have binding equipment you can always put pages together by folding them in half, like a book, and securing them with ribbons or yarn by poking holes in the crease.  I usually do two holes in the center spaced about an inch apart.

I came across this picture on the web.  I printed it out and I pasted inside one of my art journals.  I randomly color the flowers with bright colors.  

I never really liked keeping a traditional journal.  I hated spewing negative thoughts on pages.  It is good to get it out, it really is, but I was always worried that it would get found.  The reason I am crazy over art journaling is because I can add images or paint abstract on my pages and write messages.  

I have several of Sabrina Ward Harrison's books.  She is one of hundreds of people who inspire me.  I do similar things with my pages. Here are some pages from her books.  

Happy Journaling!  

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