Thursday, August 6, 2015

Better Yourself

I feel that as a person you should try and better yourself.  Try new things.  Be kinder.  Surround yourself with people who are more achieved than you so that you will strive for better things. So you don't sit stagnant in life.  Learn.  Grow.  Move.

As we get older we tend to get into the same old circle...........go to work, come home, sit on the couch.  Watch horrible reality shows that tear people's lives apart.  This is what some of our parents did, the majority anyway.  We tend to complain about people, things, gossip.  Really this is a wasted energy, a cycle that needs to be broken.

I see this at family/friends events such as cookouts, gatherings.  People stand around complain, talk about this, that.  No one talks about ideas, how to change things and if they do it stays right there.........that "talk about" stage.  Get people together and play volley ball or flag football with the kids.  Do people do that anymore?

Go make something happen.  Go make someone's day brighter.  Reach out to someone who needs it. Travel.  There is so much to see. Find your passion, no matter how big or small.   Forgive.  Find a club or a meet-up with people who like the same thing you do.  A cooking class, wine group, arts, movies.  Can't find one?  Create one.  Learn something new; a language, how to play an instrument, how to change oil or buy stock.

You will be surprised how much you will grow by doing something you normally wouldn't do!

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