Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thrift Store Find!

I love browsing around thrift stores! Today I went to one of my favorites to kill time on my lunch break. I found a cute bag with a red shoe on it for 55 cents! This is soooo me! I am going to use it for my yarn meets to carry whatever I am currently crocheting! Then I saw a chef photo album that had a whole bunch of recipes in it from another person! That was $3.
I have my kitchen decorated in chefs so I loved it right off the bat. Plus, using the photo album as a recipe holder is a great idea. I have a box filled with recipe clips and index card size that will fit in there perfectly and keep them clean!
Sometimes I can go to thrift stores and never find anything, but there are days when you find fabulous stuff!!! Thrift Store Couture Baby!!!!

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