Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Craft Event

This weekend I went to a craft group for the first time! I was a little nervous because I am walking into a group of people who all know each other and are friends. I felt I would be alienated. I new this would be a great group to be involved with for inspiration, good energies and making new I hoped.

Well off I went to this meeting and hoping for the best it all turned out great! I left there being inspired, knowing more people who I one day hope to become friends with and left feeling energized.

I am not one of those people who will shy away from something because I am going solo. I don't like to go places alone, but for me I am a one chick show for my hobbies. My crafting is just a fraction of me that I love to do. Why should I not do it because my inner circle does not share the same? I have a whole other life with them too. This is how you make new friends right?

I am glad it went well. I hope each month gets bigger and better! I hope to grow with them and become part of their happy inner family. Now, off to put my good energies to work!


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