Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

Halloween weekend was fun. My husband and I dressed up. It was a last minute decision. I wanted to be Marilyn but could not find the wig so I went as a retro go-go dancer. Spent to much money on the costume. I cannot forgive myself for that. But I had fun. That is what it is all about I guess. We went to a friends house, ate, drank and where merry!

I went thrifting for some books. My was saying how she loved Dean Koontz's books. She loved them better than Stephen King. So I decided to go search for some and add to my book collection.

The ones I found were:

Door To December
The Darkness Evening of the Year
One Door Away From Heaven

They seem interesting. I got them for 40 cents each. Not bad for books I would not normally buy. I love to check out what others read and find interesting. For 40 cents, not a bad hobby!

Ever since I watched the movie of The Jane Austin Book Club, I decided to read her books. So far I collected 3 from used books stores and thrift stores. They are vintage hard backs. I love them. Have not read them yet, but I will. I have such a bad habit of reading 2-3 books at once.

I woke up this morning a little frazzled. My son needed his football pants washed and tells me at the last minutes. That started it, on a Monday no less.

Also, I am in a bad habit of trying to perfect things I want to do. I feel like I go nowhere. I see how other people are so established, people I admire. I think I need to realize they did not get so far ahead in a hot minute and maybe it took some time. I assume everyone is an overnight success.

So instead of trying to perfect 10 things at once, I will choose 3 to spend my time on. Two are my jewlery designs. I belong to a monthly group so I can work on projects throught the month and the third will be my spiritual/positive journey I am on. I feel like it is not happening fast enough. It is still a lot. Perhaps I need to add patience to the list LOL


Off to lunch!

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