Friday, April 9, 2010

Made In Italy

I love anything Italian. I love thrifting. So how great is it today that I go thrifting and fine two items made in Italy!!!!!!

I found these shoes. I love the colors, yellow and blues. Perfect for spring, and they will go great with my yellow pants!! Price $.98 cents!! YES! .98 cents!!!

The next item, is the leather purse! It was hanging on the rack wide open and the label screamed at me: MADE IN ITALY! It has copper circles for zipper pulls and the strap is a copper color with leather sewn laces, like a shoe string. It fits snug right under my arm!! Price $4.00

On my way to the thrift store, I stopped at this awesome store. I call it the witch store. They sell crystals, do circle meets, tarrot card readings etc. They have great jewelry, stones and neat little things. I am delving into the world of silversmithing and I love it, so I wanted to pick up some stones to do my settings and wire wraps.

They have a great selection. The guy there told me he has a friend coming in from Peru who is bringing all his precious stones and crystals! I am excited to see his stuff.

Today I bought Tigers Eye, Jasper, Amethyst, and natural stones. I cannot wait to create the settings for these!