Thursday, May 6, 2010


We are revamping out backyard. We put a little patio off our main patio by the driveway. It was just grass with a little stone garden. Now it looks great coming off the patio!! By the fence is a flower garden. See how drab it is? Check out the pictures further down :)

My husband made this fireplace for me. It is great!! He took some left over slate that we had when we redid our kitchen and put it on the top of the fireplace.

Finished product! We just have to grout it now. This fireplace will sit on another section of our yard as soon as we get our granite patio done. We were given big huge slabs! Can't wait for it to be done!!

This year we did the red mulch in our back yard. It used to be filled in with stone, but over the years it just got to much debris from the pine needles etc. We decided to do the mulch. It really pad the backyard pop!

I love to have a nice backyard were I can just sit and enjoy the weather and views! It has been a long time since we really gave our backyard TLC!

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