Monday, May 17, 2010

Italian Life

I love, love, love being Italian!! Not just because of the pasta and the cannolis........that is fabulous, but because I feel Italians are full of love and life! If you ever been around them you know this. Even at funerals, there always seemed to be such a calming sense. Though funerals are sad, being around a room full of Italians made it manageable. The stories, the food, the wise cracks.........everything always seemed fine. They celebrated the life of the person. Italians always laugh, and have a good time no matter what. I remember growing up we lived next door to my cousins and there was always laughter, gatherings and food and wine. They lived life to the fullest, loved people and never judged.

Some things I have learned growing up Italian:

Everything will be fine, just put on a little lipstick!
Mangia! Don't worry about the calories, life is too short.
Eat Fresh Food, get rid of the processed crap!
Red Wine...drink it
Have a strong Family
Enjoy your life, surround yourself with friends and famiies.....have fun little gatherings
Appreciate Each day and Have fun
Be Happy, Hopeful and need to be miserable, remember, everything will be fine, just put on a little lipstick.

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