Monday, August 31, 2009


I love to read. Usually I read two books at a time, alternating between them. I guess it is the Gemini in me. Anyway, the last two books I bought are The Time Traveler's Wife and Eat Love Pray. I read about Time Traveler's wife on someone else's blog. I love looking at blogs for this very reason, it exposed you to new things. I just started reading it and I really do love it. It is different from the normal stuff I read, but I am going to be hooked on this so far. Claire and Henry and there traveling love and it seems like she is into Art! Bonus.

The second book, Eat Love Pray, I looked it up because I kept hearing about it. What sucked me in was that she travels to Italy! She also travels to two other places, but I love anything Italian. This one I am going to like because this girl is on a self journey of discovery after her divorce. I think we all go through self discoveries. I know I am. I think I will really like to see all the new and exciting things this girl learns.

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