Monday, August 3, 2009


I recently went to check out a craft meeting over the weekend for the first time in an area called Ghent. I am familiar with this area, but never really paid any attention to. I never had any reason to go to this part of town.

I showed up at this meeting about 30 minutes early so I parked and went to explore! I am glad I did. This place has the neatest shops and just walking around in this area I felt like I was in a city! There are antique shops, great food places and cute little boutiques. There is also a fresh market and I saw a couple of Italian (not chain) restaurants. The houses are historic, I love old big houses. They have such character.

There are so many places I need to explore in my own area. That is what everyone should do, just get up and explore 20-30 minutes away. Just drive around. You never know what you will find. For me, finding different shops and places to eat and have a drink are a bonus! You never know what you could run into in your own back yard. You do not need a destination, just drive.

This area is about 20-30 minutes out of my way, but I am definalty going to make it a point to visit it at least twice a month! I hope to meet new people and make a few friends!

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