Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keep Yourself Open

I used to be so closed minded! I never really looked at all there is out there in the world. I really love meeting people of all walks of life. You can learn so much from others. I guess you can say I have started on journey of self discovery and I am wanting to know so much of everything it is making me dizzy. That is what I get for being a closed minded, straight and narrower.

There are times in life when we don't see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We feel so alone, confused, mislead, beaten, and discouraged. We just give up. Then, when we least expect it, someone or something reminds us what life is truly about. To be lived.

We are always so concerned about who has cheated us....what people think of us...why we don't have a partner....or keeping up with the Jones's that we simply forget the big picture. We are all beautiful, unique individuals who are capable of achieving magnificent things and we possess the ability to make a difference in other people's lives. Most of the time we take for granted the important thing and that is that we are alive.

Don't pay attention to the closed minded people who tell you why you can't. Just prove them all wrong and do it anyway. Live your life to your best ability.

There are so many things, ideas, places to explore that we should really step out of our norm and go do something different. Even if it is a little thing like driving a new way to work. Stop and smell the roses. Take a look at what is around you and appreciate something different. Just look out your window and notice a tree, how pretty it is. How blue the sky is. Learn something new....dare to do something you never have done before. Try a new food. Watch a different show. Once you do, you will not believe how enlighted......empowered you will feel. YEAH!!!

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