Thursday, October 15, 2009


A lot of people on the Internet inspire me. I have a list of blogs I follow from DIY'ers and friend accounts of the same and people from Italy. For a long time I was searching for this something I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something, but did not know what or how to figure it out. I had the burn, the desire, but not the tools.

Reading other blogs inspired me to get back into web design. I found my nitch is designing. Also, I am reading a lot more. I Thrift more. I have more confidence. I am blogging. I try new things. I tried Yoga and I love it. I started a little business. I am expanding my knowledge. I go after the mysterious. I learned that what you resist persists. Don't fear anything. I am a braver person. All this from browsing around on the Internet.

I love the Skinny Bitch books. That totally branched me off onto getting more into my creativity. Buy the book. At least check it out. If it does not inspire you, later on in life check it out again, maybe it will. There are a lot of good references in there as well.

I am still fumbling through learning stages. I still try to do 20 projects at once and end up doing nothing because I don't know which I want to do. LOL.
I was one of those people that did not know what I wanted. I was one of those people that thought I could never figure it out.

I feel more at peace sometimes. I have set backs, but this journey I am on is fabulous. All those people that I have all inspired me and thank you!

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