Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Nice Day

Last Sunday me and my husband went to the annual Italian Wine Festival. I love going. This is the only wine festival I go to. I love the Italian music and seeing all the Italians. Almost like home. The food is good, the wine is good and there are a lot of DIY'ers.

After we walked around and drank wine my husband stopped off at the park. We took a 2 mile hike around the area and it was real nice. I had a good time.

Afterwards, we went to check out a dog park. They re-did this park and made it exclusively for dogs! There are separate sections for big dogs and little ones.

It was a great day. Mostly we are running about with sports for our son and for my husbands coaching. This was a nice break. Something so simple just made a great day.

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