Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tutti Gauza.....

This is a recipe that my Sicilian family makes. We call it Tutta Gauza, (everything in there). Here is the story.

On Saturday mornings my grandfather Paul would
take all the leftovers from the week and make this omelet.
He would save everything ,even if it was a piece of lunch meat..a hot dog
some roast beef..pepperoni..sausage etc
He then would add potatoes and eggs ,It is a great memory in my family.My grandfather would call it Tutti Gauza...(everything's in there)

Hope you enjoy !

2 tab of oil
4 potatoes peeled and cut into slices or cubes
4 eggs
2 pieces of cooked sausage
3 hot dogs sliced
4 slices of peperoni
salt ..pepper garlic powder
and anything else you have

Fry potatoes till tender...set aside
In same skillet saute hot dogs...sausage and pepperoni
Add potatoes and simmer all together
season with salt and pepper and garlic powder to taste
Crack the eggs on top..with a fork break the eggs.
Put a lid on till eggs are cooked.
Serve with Italian bread


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