Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poetry Book

Check this out. If you like poems you may like this book. His name is Jamall Richardson. He is a college - friend of mine. I talked to him about his work on this book, publishing it, and doing advertising events at local Barnes and Nobles called Poetry Slams. I am happy to say his crowds are increasing at the local events and he is gaining fast attention on this book. Everytime I walk by his desk he has a flyer regarding his monthy events. This month he is doing a Romatic giveaway at Barnes and Nobles. I am so proud for him because of this acheivement.

This is something he does. He took his passion for something and made it profitable. All poetry in this book is his original work. To get a book published, carried by Barnes and Nobles......how cool is that? He is now working on his second release! How inspiring is that? For all you DIY'ers out there, anything is possible. Any ambition can be achieveable. Do What You LOVE!

What I like about this book is that it is different. Anytime you need to be reminded about love or passion..look at a poem. Put this on a coffee table so you can look at it once in awhile to be recharged. That is what life is all about.... LOVE.

Here is one of his poems:

Pure Elegance*

By J-Ali Richardson

The sound of the breeze
blowing through her hair
Could cause a meditative state.
Down to earth and firmly planted
She is strong enough to hold her place.
Her roots date back to
Ancient times and her stability is an
Ode to our ancestors
Only God’s grace could produce her
Men try to chop her down and take her crown
But her ability to survive through the times
Doesn’t fall upon the blinds eyesS
he’s incredible.
An even when the world
Attacks her with the harshest flames
She finds a way to remain
In the winter her appearance is at its worst
Yet as the sun reacquaints itself with our world
Her beauty unfurls
Her presence make the air taste clean
And from her bottom blossoms
Very delicious things.P
Pure elegance is all that I see
When I analyze the beautyOf a Peach tree.

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