Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy Beader!!

I have been busy creating. I have been waiting for my skeleton keys to come in the mail so I can make something out of it. I have always been drawn to skeleton keys. Not sure if it is for their symbolism (the power to open things or wisdom) but maybe for the vintage look or I wonder what doors these opened? What was behind the door?

I made a necklace out of one. I wanted to double wrap this, but I was not sure how much string I needed to use. I love the read and tan/black beads against this. It is soooo cool. Unique! I love unique things. Not many people would wear a key around their neck or even think of using it has a piece of jewelry. This is one of the many things I love, these skeleton keys, and wearing it just shows a bit of my personality I suppose.

Yesterday morning I put together this bracelet. I had some read lamp work beads and silver pieces....and wa-la a bracelet is born. I am going to make another one of these and a skeleton key necklace and add to my Etsy shop soon!!!

I am now also dabbling in painting. I love it. I love so much this creative outlet I have. Summer is coming! I will be inspired by the beach, the sun, the warm weather!! Possibilities are endless! Keep coming warm weather!!! Sun, sand, beach and a cold one! How nice.......


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