Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Hair

I always get highlights. I use to get sand/blond color and I got tired of that after so many years. I always liked red, but my hair is so dark that it never stays in for very long at all. A few months ago I got a real pretty wine color in my hair and it wasn't very noticeable. It was pretty, but you could not really see it and then it faded.

I always liked the block style color and I always liked big bold red colors. My hairdresser said to me last night as we were looking at color, go with the bold red, you always show me pictures of this color, if we are going to do it, lets just do it!! I said OK.

After it was all said and done, I was in shock. Shock because I never did anything this extreme before with color. They loved it at the shop, she told me to wait a few days and if I still did not like it she would tone it down. It was to bright for me. In the pic it shows a little darker. I also have it styled more to one side because WOW, if I had it going across the top it would be too much.

I am not sure what I was in shock mostly over, the new color or what would the reaction of my office peers be? So far, as the morning goes on people like it. For some people they are to conservative and would not be so bold, and that is fine; (however those same people judge and hold their noses up). That is were I used to be. I would never do anything fun, edgy because I worked in an office and fell into the "what are people going to think"?

So as I sit here this morning thinking about the shock to my system, I realize, it is just hair. It is just a section of hair that is red. I wanted different, I got it. I want to be a little edgier, branch out of my comfort zone and I did it. I wanted to be brave and try new things and adventures. It is no big deal! I got what I want.

The moral to this story? Don't be afraid to try anything new! Just Do It!!! Give it a chance. The worst thing that could happen is you don't like it, but at least now you know this. You never know how you will grow and change as a person if you do not take the jump. Your not performing surgery, no one will die. Don't fall into the "what will people think"? Who cares. Any criticism you get from someone take as constructive, use what you can from it and move on. You are only in this life one time! :)

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