Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Every third Tuesday I meet with a knitting group. I love it. They are such great ladies and I have a great time. I learn things, laugh and just have a great time!

Usually I stop at a thrift store near were we meet before I head over. I usually look over the books as usual and gaze around to see if I can find anything cool and vintage. I was looking through the books and found a book called While My Pretty One Knits I laughed! How cool was that. It is about two rival knitting shops, murder and gossip! Knitting with a twist.
I also found another book, Living Artfully. I never heard of this book. I am all into the Art world; creating and learning. I LOVE any books to do with Art and Crafts. Well, obsessed is more like it! This book is teaching you to express who you are through moments that you create living. Living Artfully reminds us to explore and experience life with more heart, meaning, purpose, and joy.

You never know what you will find in your local thrift stores. You can buy a pile of books and without risk. Your spending a fraction of what you would at a bookstore. Your reusing, saving the environment and education yourself! What is not to love! :)

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