Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Bits

Last week was sooooooooooo nice out. 70 degree weather. YUM! We planted some veggies. We have lettuce and brussell sprouts and some herbs. First time planting the lettuce and sprouts so we will see how that goes. I believe the brussell sprouts are for cooler weather but we will see how they turn out.

There is this super cool Martini bar downtown that we discovered the other weekend. We have been there the last two weeks. Luv this place! The decor is very trendy. The tapas are yummy. It is in an old town. I have to post more pics of this area. Lots of antique shops, coffee shop and an Irish pub! When I walk into this place, I feel like I am in Manhattan because of its chic, trendy style.
The bartenders are cool. When you are in there, these bartenders have conversations with everyone and everyone joins in the conversations. It is like being at home during an Italian family get together over pasta and wine. I usually have two martinis.

If I have anymore than two I will need a sign like this:

Blah ha ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend! It is going to be rainy and chilly, the battle of winter and spring. That is ok, spring will win. I will be busy creating necklaces with some cool vintage flower pieces and hanging out with my art group.


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