Monday, March 15, 2010

New Stuff

The weather is getting warmer.......finally!! I cannot wait for it to be in full swing! I love laying on the beach and being in the sun. It gives me good energies to be creative!

I made a few things recently and just posted them to my Etsy account.

I love skulls and guitar pics. Always have. So I combined the two! I went to a party over the weekend and sold a pair!

I love browns, copper and reds together. This set is soo cool. I just love it!

My husband also has a creative side. He made this fireplace. We all sat around it Saturday night! He made this as a gift for a friend of ours. Very cool!

I also went to a craft show that was being held at a local high school. Soooo many talented people! I went out to support a couple of my friends that were there. I bought some of their jewelry. I am wearing a couple of pieces today. I feel real good. Not only did I support my friends and buy great pieces of theirs, I feel good because they, as well as all crafters, spend so much time on their designs and I know they truly appreciate my purchase. Each piece is thought up, carefully constructed and put together.

Buy Handmade! Your not only buying one of a kind pieces, but you are making people feel good and satisfied in their crafts!


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